Led by Jamie Wozny


Saturday, July 25

2:00 - 6:00pm (PST)









Course Details

Join Jamie Wozny for a special LIVE STREAM certification as she teaches you how to communicate with your pets! Jamie believes everyone has this ability but you just need a little guidance to tap into it.

Why communicate with animals?

If you’ve always been curious about what your animals are trying to convey, then this course is for you! Jamie Wozny discovered she had the gift of animal communication years ago when a fellow Reiki student asked her to talk to and heal her bird. Trusting in the process, Jamie did what she would do with a human during the healing session and miraculous results happened. The bird, who prior to the session wouldn’t come out of its cage for 6 months even with the doors open, flew out right after the session. From that moment on Jamie began to practice this art and further her studies with world renowned Animal Communicator Lydia Hibby.

What you'll learn

  • What type of communication channel you have and the way you psychically communicate
  • How animals communicate
  • You’ll receive the tools to have a “conversation” with your pet
  • You’ll learn the entire process from start to finish how Jamie taps in and does an entire session and you’ll leave with the tools to do the same
  • You’ll have the chance to practice from a distance. You’ll be able to compare all of your answers with others in the workshop.

How it works

  • Join us for 4 hours of virtual instruction on Saturday, July 25 from 2:00pm - 6:00pm (PST)
  • $295 for the certification

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Meet Your Teacher

Jamie Wozny is a passionate Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master and Meditation Guide who speaks to all types of groups who are curious about the principles of peace and happiness. Jamie’s teachings consist of deep conversations about how to move beyond the identification we have with the personal mind, take it less seriously and move into our natural state of well being. Here we can spend time in our natural state of flow. She teaches you how to simplify happiness so you can access this natural state that is your birthright. Her purpose is to help you wake up to your True Nature one conversation at a time. Join her to align with love. She is excited about helping you find relief, feel alive and radiate joy. Get ready to awaken!


"Jamie has completely changed our lives for the better. In March of 2017 she started working with my dog who had just gone through radiation for an inoperable brain tumor. Jamie passed invaluable messages onto us from Hugo and his guides, helping us to care and communicate with him in a way we never would have been able to on our own. We've seen Jamie approximately 3-4 sessions per week since March and I am absolutely certain this is a major reason why Hugo's health has improved dramatically overtime. Hugo is more alert, more himself, more affectionate. Jamie's messages have helped us through the most difficult of times and guided us with love every step of the way. Hugo loves Jamie and appears to experience a great deal of relief and peace after his sessions. Jamie is a true and gifted healer. We feel so fortunate to have her in all of our lives."

~ R. Smith, California

"Jamie is a very personable and down to earth person, which makes her very easy to talk to. Our very first session together was incredible. She opened up a deeper connection between my bird Henri and me. He is a much happier bird these days, which fills me with joy. I am very grateful for being able to work with Jamie and look forward to our next session."

~ Guinevere, Texas

"I wanted to thank you for the session with my pups. It was really quite amazing. In the past I have done a session with Sonya Fitzpatrick and while the session was very helpful and my pups definitely had changes, it was not as personal as yours. She had helped in the past with some behavior issues with my other dogs, but I never got a real feel for their personalities or karmic struggles. It was pretty lovely to understand Whiskey and Ajax in such depth, to know them beyond what I notice, to understand their personalities and karmic lessons in more depth. I just feel so much more connected to them in a way that I never was before. You have an amazing gift. I am so grateful to be able to understand and connect with them at this new level and it is a fun experience to change the dynamic of my relationship with them so that they can move forward as well! Lot’s of love!"

~ Carly, California

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