Certification Details

Everyone has intuition. Through this course you will learn to enhance and trust your own intuitive and psychic abilities allowing you the opportunity to heal others. Join hundreds of students in receiving your DEN Intuitive Healing Certification.

What you learn

  • Foundation energy tools (grounding, running energy, protection and replenishing)

  • Developing the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye, and removing energy from the body and mind: How to de-energize life experiences that keep you stuck

  • Creating non-resistance & Reading Past lives

  • Manifesting & Using a Healing Guide

  • Giving Healings both Distance and in-person, including Cords without picking up others’ energies, along with Forgiveness and Karma

  • Reading and repairing the layers of the Aura (layers 1-7 past, present and future) 

  • Present Time energy, Amusement Vibration, Telepathic Channels, Using a new Healing source

  • Reading and Healing the Chakras (1-7)

  • Invalidation energy & Effortlessness vibration, Deprogramming Yourself

  • Access the Akashic records & Understanding the Astral Body

  • Dreams & Traveling in the Astral 

  • Decision making and “Perfect” ideas that create limits

  • Entities, Spiritual guides, and Beings

  • Departed Beings and Supreme Being

  • Releasing pain, punishment and victim energy - past present and future

What you get

  • An Intuitive Healing Practitioner Certification

  • Ability to facilitate healings

  • Learn to read energy

  • 15 lectures ranging between 21 - 51 minutes

  • Ability to practice reading & healing others

  • Access to enthusiasm, amusement, and effortlessness - how to set your crown chakra and "own your space." Plus, the importance of each person as a spiritual vibration for growth and freedom. 

How it works

  • You will get access to 15 classes with exclusive video lessons, downloadable PDFs, and meditations
  • Nearly 12 hours of thoughtful instruction
  • You will need to complete each lesson before moving on to the next. We recommend practicing the tools that Kathryn shares with you before progressing through the course.
  • The ability to communicate on our message board.

  • During the certification program Kathryn offers 30 minute, 1-on-1 Student Energy Check sessions for a discounted rate of $45. A minimum of one is required to graduate.

Meet Your Teacher

Kathryn Schiff is an Energy Healer, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Minister, and Intuitive Teacher. She also leads our Intuitive Healing Certification program at the DEN. Kathryn trained at the Center For Inner Truth in Santa Fe, NM. and practices a unique intuitive method that psychically looks at client's growth cycles and life path. She facilitates healing on the chakras and aura to help release energetic stagnation, attachments, outdated or negative belief patterns, other people’s energy, fear and other emotions that keep one from manifesting their highest potential. Kathryn works together with the client to create healing as she clairvoyantly reads what is going on. In a classroom meditation, she helps create a safe environment where the client can connect to the Divine self and his or her intuitive space. She teaches Meditation, Clairvoyance, and Energy tools.  Kathryn is named one of the Top 50 Psychics in the US. in Jennifur Diamonds 2016 Edition.

"Kathryn is an incredibly gifted intuitive who provides very accessible and practical techniques to help students achieve a more grounded, calm, and balanced state. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough, if you have the opportunity to attend, you should absolutely do so!"

~ Kristin S. 

"My experience entering into and completing the Basic Intuitive Healing program was eye opening. I learned so much about my spiritual body and how it operates and heals. How there's truly an untapped source within us that for whatever reason was hidden from being apart of our human life (until now!). This 3 month course taught me how to hold space for myself and others, essentially slowing down time by accepting and being in the present moment fully and by grounding ourselves and running energy first thing each class. I now have a tool that allows me to anchor my soul and not be so flighty. I also have tools that encourage me to lean on my intuition and trust myself. This class has affirmed me, introduced me to myself on a soul level, and taught me how to drive and maintain my souls vehicle. It will forever be a moment in time that shifted my life views and its trajectory completely."

~ N.L.

"It sounds crazy, but my work with Kathryn turned everything around – from dark to light, anxiety to peace, from negativity to joy. She’s taught me to isolate and release the toxic energies that drag me down – and that’s more important than ever now! She makes me feel normal and that's an amazing feeling – to feel like myself again."

~ L.O.

"Kathryn Schiff’s certification course, was one of the best experiences I ever had. Kathryn creates a very safe and nurturing environment for her students to discover their natural inner-healing skills, and create new and lasting friendships. I had no prior experience in the energy healing world, and I was able to jump right in. The curriculum is very simple yet fascinating. There are no required books or note-taking. Every class provides endless opportunities to give and receive healings in a very relaxing and uplifting environment."

~ Hilary M.

"Kathryn helped me discover my soul purpose. Then, she coached me in aligning my activities with that purpose. She did that through personal one-on-one sessions, and by teaching my clairvoyant classes.  With her help I have discovered a deeper level of personal power that I had only dreamt about. To say the least, I am very grateful for her clarity and upbeat personality."

~ Robert S.

"I regard Kathryn as the psychic's psychic. That's how awesome she is. With her training and background, you can tell she brings a unique brand of reading, healing, and teaching that you just have to experience for yourself. I know this about Kathryn because she has been a great guide, mentor and teacher for me as I develop my own clairvoyant abilities. As a psychic reader and healer, Kathryn is head and shoulders above many other psychics I have come into contact with. My experience is often times, many other psychics will brag about how great or talented they are. Kathryn doesn't have to do that. Kathryn just IS great and talented, not to mention just a very kind and genuine human being. For myself, I can insightfully say I've become better - as a person and as a reader - as a result of receiving healings and learning from Kathryn. Thanks Kathryn for all that you contribute to the world."

~ J.G.

"2019 was definitely the year of the teacher, and the year of becoming an eternal student. Immense appreciation and gratitude for ending this decade in the most sensational, life changing way. It’s nearly impossible to put this work into the words it deserves, but may this experience and Kathryn’s loving mentorship live inside our hearts forever.⁣"

~ K.K.

"Kathryn’s Basic Intuitive Healing class completely changed my life - the tools she gifts are absolutely incredible. They will help transform an unaware / wounded empath, to a very conscious & empowered one. They have also helped me to become much more non reactive in a very reactive world. I have practiced Ashtanga Yoga for 20 years, and the practice itself is a meditation of sorts. However, Kathryn’s form of meditation has grounded me in a way that Ashtanga has not completely done. For me, getting more aware of the Earth energy, and going into the center of the head space (that 3rd eye space) is so important. Her meditations teach how to drop into that space, and really become connected - which is SO important. Obviously with anything, what you put into it, is what you will get out of it. I have done one of Kathryn’s led meditations from class every day since the class ended and I have noticed a huge difference emotionally and intuitively / psychically and I am healing so much better. I will never go a day without them now.  I cannot express enough positive feedback. This class is a game changer and it will change your life. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have studied with Kathryn. She is a true gift to the collective."

~ C.E.

Course Pricing Options

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Basic Intuitive Healing Course




Basic Intuitive Healing Course




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“I work from the intuitive space, and I teach others how to use their intuitive space. We learn how to work with our intuition, and that process is a healing process. We learn how to heal ourselves, to heal others, and it doesn’t mean to fix - it means to work with what we need, what’s going on, what our blocks and issues are, and we learn how to work with it and release it.”

~ Kathryn Schiff





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