With Heather Prete


Compassion Weekend Intensive

Saturday, August 22 & 23

12:00 - 5:00pm (PST) Both Days


Self Compassion Day-Long Retreat

Saturday, October 10

11:00am - 9:00pm (PST)









Course Details

Learn the science, practice, and history of compassion in a secular and ancient Buddhist context. Taught and developed by Heather Prete, this is an intensive 30-hour training that involves lectures, practice, reading, and discussions and covers all types of Compassion: Compassion for Self, Compassion for Others, and Universal Compassion. The intention of this course is to create an intellectual and experiential understanding of the mind of compassion and its applications and undergo personal transformation within our 6-week format.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone interested in compassion practices - suitable for experienced practitioners as well as those new to practice
  • Those who wish to bring compassion into their work, such as clinicians, mental health professionals, coaches, teachers, etc.
  • Those who wish to transform difficult emotional states, including chronic emotional conditions such as frequent anxiety or depression
  • Those with chronic pain or disabilities
  • Those who wish to transform the “inner critic” and develop a relationship with the Self that embodies acceptance and care
  • All of us!

What you'll learn

  • Definitions of Love and Compassion and their respective practices
  • The healing practices of Self Compassion for our current and past Self
  • Transforming the mundane into the super mundane: Seeing love in all things
  • Healing the world in the arms of compassion

How it works

  • Attend the weekend intensive
  • Participate in the day-long Self Compassion retreat with Heather
  • 17 hours of mandatory at-home practice (6 weeks of exclusive meditations provided through the program)
  • 3 hours of additional homework

Option to Receive DEN's Compassion Certification:

  • You must complete the above Intensive requirements and also attend a 5-day approved compassion retreat (price of 5-day retreat not included in intensive tuition). 5 days can be split up but retreats need to be approved. In order to receive your certification, retreat(s) must be completed within 6 months of the intensive class. If you would like to do your retreat outside of the DEN, we have a list of approved places, please email for more information.
  • 15% discount on all DENretreats if booked while enrolled in Compassion Intensive.
  • Please visit for more information and updates.

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Meet Your Teacher

Heather Prete is a UCLA certified Mindfulness facilitator, Self-Compassion teacher, and Mindfulness in Recovery coach. She began her formal training with Tibetan Compassion practices in 1998 and has received instruction in the U.S. and Asia. Heather spent time training PhDs at the Tarzana Treatment center and working as a guiding teacher for Mindful School’s online adult courses (which were featured in Time magazine’s cover story, “The Mindful Revolution”). She also worked with those in recovery at Alternatives Treatment Center, Westside Treatment, and BLVD Centers. Heather also spent 20 years in the theater. She is published in the book Remembering Arthur Miller and has been featured in The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times, Time magazine, and Times of India. Since mindfulness transformed her own creative process, she’s worked with actors through the Khan Institute to teach her program, “Mindfulness for the Actor.” Since 2000, Heather has remained committed to yearly retreats ranging from seven to 30 days in length and has completed three teacher trainings. She also sells her paintings to the lovely residents of Los Angeles.

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"I can’t say enough about working with Heather, her teachings and guidance through heart practices helped me achieve a deeper healing from trauma I didn’t know was possible - AND - it has unleashed an inner badass queen that can slays the enemy of fear and anxiety and forge a new path to success in life."

~ Lila





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