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The Road to Happiness: Who Are You Really?

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Led by Jamie Wozny

Saturday, September 19

6:00 - 7:30pm (PST)

In this workshop based on the first module in Jamie’s upcoming Real Happiness Course, Jamie will talk with us about who we really are under our personal thinking and why this is life changing to see.

We live life through a distorted lens of the past. But what if the lens isn’t true? I know this can be hard to see. But what if the lens is healable? What if you are actually part of an innately perfect system and you just couldn’t see the intelligence in it because you didn’t think to look? What if there was another way to see your life and because you thought the lens you were looking through was true you just don't see it? What if there is actually hope and a new inner experience of your outer life available? And you just need an open mind and to be pointed in the right direction to see it?

  • We’ll talk the importance of open mindedness when it comes to happiness.
  • We’ll Question our current reality and thoughts.
  • Talk about reference points and opening up to what we have yet to see.
  • Looking for proof of what we already have in our lives even if we don't think we have it. (Hint: It's there when we look.)
  • Jamie will help you gain the eyes to see what you are looking for.
  • After we chat, Jamie will guide us with journal prompts to find the internal happiness we are looking for with our own eyes.
  • We’ll have time for private coaching from Jamie and q and a.
  • And we'll finish the evening with an inner happiness meditation where we’ll settle our personal mind and open up to our impersonal mind, where happiness lives, where we can hope to get a glimpse of who we really are.

After the workshop, in 24-48 hours a recording will be placed in your DENanywhere Library so you can re-watch it any time.

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Meet Your Teacher

Jamie Wozny is a passionate Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master and Meditation Guide who speaks to all types of groups who are curious about the principles of peace and happiness. Jamie’s teachings consist of deep conversations about how to move beyond the identification we have with the personal mind, take it less seriously and move into our natural state of well being. Here we can spend time in our natural state of flow. She teaches you how to simplify happiness so you can access this natural state that is your birthright. Her purpose is to help you wake up to your True Nature one conversation at a time. Join her to align with love. She is excited about helping you find relief, feel alive and radiate joy. Get ready to awaken!