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PRE-SALE An Invitation to Dig Deeper

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Led by Susan Ateh

Saturday, August 1

7:00pm - 9:00pm (PST)

Join us for a special evening of digging deeper through journalling, breathwork and discussion. We invite you to commit to your own healing so we can all be part of the larger collective transformation. It all starts from within.
We will begin the workshop by journaling and opening the floor to voice our hearts in a safe space. Susan believes being heard is an important part of our journey to embodying our hearts.

We will then experience 40 mins of a Pranayama 2 part breath practice allowing you to clear, move through limited beliefs, blocked energy, dense emotions and bring about more clarity, groundedness, an open heart and connection to our truest self. Coming home.

We will end our session holding space for what came up and questions you may have.

Let’s support one another and create a safe space to journey within, into the crevices of our bodies and unravel that which desires to come up to the surface to be witnessed, felt, heard and healed.

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Meet Your Teacher

Susan Ateh is a Certified Breathwork facilitator. She aides in the body's ability to heal itself from emotional wounds through the Breathwork technique. With an open heart, Susan guides you through a transformative emotional detox. Her goal is for you to experience a love for yourself. One that is deeply healing. Opening you up to a lighter, grounded renewed awareness.