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Meet Your Spirit Guides

Taught by Kathryn Schiff


You have guides all around you -- and the ability to connect with them. Kathryn teaches you how to work with spiritual beings to receive the powerful information they're trying to share, with meditations and exercises to help tap into the other realm with ease.


  • 41 minutes of instruction

  • Guided meditations and breathing techniques

  • What Spirit Guides are, how they present themselves, and why they're beneficial

  • How colors can help you connect

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Meet Your Teacher

Kathryn Schiff is an energy healer, clairvoyant, spiritual Minister, and intuitive teacher. She trained at the Center For Inner Truth in Santa Fe, NM. Kathryn practices a unique method that psychically looks a client's growth cycles and life path. She facilitates healing on the chakras and aura. This helps release energetic stagnation, attachments, outdated or negative belief patterns, other people’s energy, fear and other emotions that keep one from healing and manifesting highest potential. The process of letting go allows more clarity and ease in one’s life. Kathryn works together with the client to create a healing and she also clairvoyantly reads what is going on. In a classroom meditation, she helps create a safe environment where the client can connect to Divine self and his or her intuitive space. She teaches Meditation, Clairvoyance, and Energy tools. Kathryn is named one of the Top 50 Psychics in the US. in Jennifur Diamonds 2016 Edition.