Siobhan Dillon

A graduate of DEN’s 400 hour teacher training along with certifications in Yoga Nidra and Reiki, Siobhan has combined her love for Sacred Sound and Yoga Nidra to bring a hybrid healing meditation. In 2015, after singing professionally on Broadway and London’s West End stages for almost a decade, Siobhan was faced with a ‘wake up call’. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and delved into holistic medicine, specifically the incredible power of sound. Humming, toning and singing with Crystal Alchemy bowls and other instruments has been Siobhan’s primary form of self healing. Now, with a deep understanding of the importance of rest and relaxation in order to allow the body to heal, along with her training in Yoga Nidra, her aim is to facilitate an accessible meditation which facilitates effortless healing for students of all levels of experience. She and her husband are also distributors of Crystal Tones Alchemy bowls that she uses in her daily practice as well in her classes. These bowls are available for purchase through the DEN where you receive a 5% discount.


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